Restoring our gardens

Seasonal Information – Autumn

Welcome to our garden page…bringing you our gardening news throughout the year…

What’s growing in the gardens.

We are beginning to widen borders, clear, prepare, feed and mulch them. Then they’ll be ready for our big Spring planting!
We’ll be picking and juicing Apples, clearing and feeding the kitchen garden and mowing and raking up leaves!
And, when its wet we’ll be planning!

What wildlife to look out for

We have a wide variety of birds including Owls that you’ll hear.
Regular rabbits (not so welcome!) occasional foxes and Muntjak deer strolling by. We also set up a wildlife camera to take a look at our animal visitors. This will help us know what plants and crops need protection.

Charney Garden Volunteering

Our head gardener Michael Scott works with us one day a week and would welcome some volunteers to help our garden restoration grow faster! Alongside garden Trustee Deb Arrowsmith they are keen to provide a variety of jobs for all skilled or unskilled enthusiasts in return for tea, coffee and loads of cake! Whether you have an afternoon o whole day to spare, we’d welcome the help. There’ll also be occasional “Mobhanded Days” to join in with a group to tackle a bigger projects like tree planting or compost bay building! How can you resist?
For a chat about volunteering to restore Charney Manor Gardens contact Deb by email: or phone on 07899 754767.

Gardens & Grounds News - Autumn 2023

Explore our gardens and grounds.

Everyone loves a walk through a beautiful garden – it helps restore our balance.
You are welcome to wander and explore! We are beginning an ambitious restoration of the gardens and grounds here. We’ll be weeding, planting and pruning. We will be raising some plants, re-stocking some borders and re-imagining some new places to grow. We are committed to working towards organic and sustainable gardens– and that will take some time. We also need to grow our garden team!
We have one part-time gardener and one volunteer – you may find them in the garden – please say hello, ask us questions and let us know what the garden means to you.
You’ll find labels where we know the plants!
Areas we are renewing are clearly marked.
You’ll also find any plants we have for sale on the bench near the car park.
You can help us by donating and that will grow our garden even faster for all.
Meanwhile – “Walk Cheerfully” with us…one step at a time.

Gardens cost money we know- but, like the course that brings you to Charney Manor, they nourish and support our wellbeing too! If you can help us- please donate to our gardens and grounds restoration– call in at the office for details and check out our website You can also contact our Garden Trustee Deb Arrowsmith

We are developing a 3 year plan beginning an ambitious re-imagining of the Charney Manor Gardens and grounds 2023-2026. We have limited funds but are determined to make our gardens enhance the peace and tranquility so appreciated by all those who come here on courses and events. We want to follow an organic and sustainable path, propagate and grow interesting ornamental plants vegetables and fruit and provide produce for our kitchen. The peace of this place is special to us and we want to share it. Please help us if you can. First, we have to plan a step at a time.

If you would like to support our Garden development, please contact the office to donate.